Producers Note – when a dream becomes everyday ?

Living the city Columbus, Ohio I am constantly confronted with idea “that it is hard to make it here”. Well it very much can be, just like any other place on this earth. There are rules to ascending to the next level in any environment, here in the buckeye city its all about who your connected with and who knows your story. Now there is a really big catch to this statement, which is one has to be mindful about who they explain themselves to. Do people will use the information to advantage of all parties involved, while others will use it as means to hold someone back or push a individual in the wrong emotional direction. If a person gets caught up in a cycle of falling in the wrong crowd or never take the time to really know and understand his or her needs as it relates to a ” functional support system ” he or she will in most cases spend a great deal of time running in emotional circle, the more this accrues it starts to form a spiral. Which may cause  a lose creative vision and looking for answers from individuals who may not have his or her best interests in mind, misunderstanding what the end goal is or place their own ideas and concepts above ones own goals. The reality is more than not many people in creative fields through world have suffered a great deal of emotional stress and Columbus is no different, some have manage to see pass the pain of disappointment to forge creative community through out the city, for natives of Columbus and those who have move from other places alike, it can be hard to locate them if one does not know where to look or who to talk to. For me this has been my story for quite some time. But one of the most interesting and important piece of information I have to give, is start from the top and work your way down. Because of Columbus current state as relate pursuing a career in creative a field like Fashion, Graphic Design, and Illustration to name a few, there are many grass roots opportunity as well as corporate too.  Something I found out the hard way is to participate in some if not all functions, grant opportunities, and exposure driven events  one has to have to his or her ducks in row. The beauty of my hometown is there more than enough organizations and individuals willing to help and if one looks under the right rock he or she can find the information to build his or her brand  and the opportunity to show it off. So stay strong and never give up networking in key.

Here are some very helpful links:

Center of minority business affairs

Greater Columbus Art Council


SBA Columbus district

Producers Note- what your meaning of sucess?

Well Tuesday came and went and the Organic Fashion Experience happen. While it didn’t go the way I liked to it, there were definitely some rewards,  so for that I am happy and greatful to those that came to support the event. Even with small turn folks till got their network on, share their perspective on fashion in Columbus as well as starting possibly fruit, productive connections with other like minded creative individuals. So that’s a win my eyes, heart and soul. Are there things I could have done differently, not do at all or just had a more inclusive plan of action, most definitely. All and all  I think this experience was worth it, I’ll continue to move forward gain from my blessed and learning from mistakes.

Producers Note- my first event

What’s the big deal? Well this marks a pretty big milestone in my career for sure but there for more to than that. I spend a great deal of time planning this for one, while it is a drop compared to the ocean things to come I feel this is like a first kiss. It very special and I never forget it. no what happens on the 13th of October. I will feel blessed to have it under my belt, I’m already looking forward to the next one. While I have meet with some adversity, and plenty of drama I still made it this far and as always I will keep moving forward and stay focused on my goals. 

Producers Notes – first time for everything

I working on producing my first event, and wow the experience is definitely something that is interested. I have put a lot time in to the planning now that it is actually in the works I feel a little blaa about the process. The biggest thing to making it a success is not getting over emotional which kind of hard sometimes but all I can do is keep pushing along and hope for the best plus be realistic about the possibility out come, Which  is by far the most stressful part, because there’s been many times I wanted to quit and just cancel the the event all together but what would I gain from that… Nothing, I realize at the beginning of this journey it was going to take risk, trusting people, and believing in myself more than ever have. So far things seem to working out for the best so like I said I just got to keep it moving and stay focused no matter what

Producers Notes – Staying Positive

Staying positive is not always easy to do, its taken me a good part of my life to figure out exactly how to stay on an emotional upward ascent. In my youth and a good part of my adulthood,

it seemed easier to go with a negative mindset.  Now that I have some goals I wish to achieve, I find myself working on staying positive no matter what happens in my life. Here are a few tips that have help me stay on the up and up. First l allow  myself to experience negative emotions, it OK to be sad or unhappy with an outcome, situation or issue as long as I don’t live in it. What this means is I take time to reflect on the moment, i try to learn from situation so i get a better understand what I need to so I do not to repeat the same actions or behavior. Ite easy to fall into a downward spiral if your constantly try to escape the reality of the situation or event, understanding what got you there in the first place is a good way to find a workable solution. Second, don’t spend too much time knit picking on what went wrong, there is fine line between learning from your mistakes and reliving them. A good way to break a downward spiral is take account of what you are doing right, by making a running list of achievements and accomplishments. This can act like a reset button, as well as aid in calculating the possibilities for the next positive set in your success. Finally, be realistic its OK to have dreams but understand what is needed to make them a reality. As a creative minded person, this was my biggest pitfall, I would focus more imaginary objectives or looking too far in to the future which would caused me to be overwhelmed and lose site of my goals. When I started to take the time to make an agenda or to-do list, my goals became more achievable. Instead of trying to do one large actions, I began scaling down goals to smaller steps .Overall there has been one constant that has shown to be the most effective, live in the moment. It is very likely the best laid plan will be derailed, learning how to recalculate a goal or objective will allow you to move forward no matter bumps, potholes or molehills may come on the road of life.

Producers Notes – What makes a good support system

This something that is different from person to person, while there are many variation base needs, personally, and situation the common themes Like attentiveness, comprehension, and motivation are basic elements which can be helpful in a creating progress driven bond, that may aid in the growth of ones sucess in his or her career and personal life. First let me state that is base on my perspective, feel free to add your point of view. Attentiveness or listening, this is a two party equation, when I was younger lets say somewhere around my early to mid thirties I felt the support I was getting from family and friends was lacking this very concept. I spent great deal of time revisiting the same problematic issues, due to not listening to the answers that were given to me. Also there where a few times that I didn’t get chance to expand in detail what the actual issue was, so sometimes i revisit the same answers as well. What worked in the long run is really listening to the advice I was give and applying it when needed. Next up comprehension or understanding the issue, i think we all have moments  when we look at someone else’s problems or issues from our own perspective, thus leading to opening responses like, “I don’t understand why you keep going through …” or “do what I do” while seeing a situation from another perspective is overall a good idea, sometime it might be best to really take few moments to digest the issue from both sides, a good way to do so is to ask proactive questions like, “what are some common factors that resurface, or “what are some effective ways to move past reacting the same way”.an open and positive dialog can aid in giving someone the strength to move past a negative repetitive behavior or action, One of biggest influences to change for me is discovering I had the answer whole time. finally, Motivation this is key in making a solution stick, this not overlooking bad behavior or actions to focus on what a person is doing right,  it may be more helpful to recap what personal goals have been set and look at what has been achieved and what is missing or needs to be worked on. Once again this my perspective on some elements of a functional support system, also if you have something to add like personal stories or techniques to effective team building please share.

+Career= what is it?

When it comes to creative minded individuals,  some situations and events whether internal or external can have a lasting hold on his or her productively. In some cases, holding a person back from achieving a goal or overcoming a needed obstacle. As artist I fell victim to my negative inward thinking due to my lack of external support, little to no understanding, or miscommunication between family, friends and peers a like. One of the many underlying issues for me and many others, its hard to pin point the exact issue, or give and useful definition to reason for the lack of creative success raging from no professional dedication, direction, or motivation. The basic goal of +career= is to create and or tap into a networks of artists, businesses and organizations who are willing to aid in growth of visual and vocal artists such as, poets, singers, painters, Illustrator, and other creative types. By fascinating group driven sessions and events, producing multimedia presentations and creating social media environments for the growth and exchange of ideas to increase the possibility of success for like minded individuals who would otherwise have little to no opportunity to move forward in his or her creative pursuits and daily life. In doing so, the possibility to allow everyone involve to uncover the beginning of moving forward.

Producers Notes – What do I represent

It’s a question I been struggling with for a long time, to countinue to my forward motion, I guess it’s time to tackle it head on. Over the years I been building this entity, I felt there is a direct market and demographic I need to be speaking to. One that reflects me and my interest and vice  versa, so as I think about the question of ” who is my audience” I have to look at myself a little more closely. In doing I will come close to putting one of more crucial building blocks in to place, one that aid I guiding the direction of  both my brands NalleyArt and Soconnex alike. First and foremost I am very much rooted in two basic cultures one is my ethnicity and the other is base on my individual mental health awareness, Both play a major role in how I conduct myself as person. Beyond that I am an artist of various medias and I enjoy all forms of creativity, So who do I want to represent. It seems obvious, Creative mind individuals, people with mental health issues who would like to participate in the growing creative industry, and organizations, small businesses as well as individuals who represent the financial growth minor cultures. 

Producers Notes – good work vs good network

I have to admit first that I’m still growing in the industry; a lot times I hear many of my peers say ” doing a good job equals get pay for services “, I feel that is partly right. There a couple other things that go into  the equation of proper pay for quality work, one that experience first hand is having ones paper work in order, it necessary to be sure complete things like LL.c’s , D.B.A’s, and any other forms that will establish your business or brand as a reputable and quality entity. What l have found out is just that, not have the right building blocks, my house grumbles every time. Now that I’m taking a moment to get my steps in the right order, I’m seeing the fruits of  labor starting to bloom. Next is establishing a creditable and functional network, while quality work is a good place to start having a network that will support your brand or business increases ones earning potential. As I take this very step, I’m starting to understand that this is we’re shameless self promotion comes into play. As stated before the best entity to advertise me and my brand is me, a useful network comes into play when its time to extend past my comfort zone to build connection with corporations, organizations and individuals who may not know anything about me or my brand. A quality, functional network will only build onto existing promotions or branding by sharing contact information, samples of work and overall experience with others who are looking for what a brand or business have to offer. And last which has proven to be most important is a support system, a group of people who are willing to aid you when possible by using positive reinforcement and feedback, could play a vital element in staying on track to move on next stage and beyond. At this point I know there is a great deal I have to learn, so far this basic elements like the completing the necessary documents and forms, building a quality network, and a helpful support system are key to moving forward in my career as well as building a reputation for creating quality work.

Producers Notes – Progressive mindset

Progressive mindset – over the years I have created many great ideas and concepts which could have been development into  workable projects or plans. A particular set of short comings would always arise bring end to achieving a goal or completing a necessary task. Which is not having a constant flow on internal motivation, project planning which became emotional overwhelming and poor time management. These nonfunctional concepts Add up to what I would call a negative mindset. Something I’m currently working on within myself is developing a functional way of thinking, which would allow me to more accurately judge time, emotions and the resources I may need to complete a goal or task, as well as learning how listen and apply advice when necessary. As I practice these positive behaviors in daily life, I create a progressive mindset which will aid me in moving forward to reach my dreams and goals